Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bead soup beads

Hi been awhile since i've been on here's what i sent to my Bead Partner Kryss

I will be adding what she has sent to me tomorrow i am so new to blogging so bear with me i will try to do better in the near future ........... till tomorrow bye
off  to do some beading.
Well i didn't get anywhere we are having fun now my reveal is August 11 whew i'better get busy creating something with all these new beads Kryss  sent to me.Okay Hubby took my camera and now where did he put it,off to find camera see you tomorrow .
oh Lori is Amazing she has another giveaway going on check it out if you haven't already : later.

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  1. i haven't posted my finished design as i had 2 funerals out of town and just returned back home last night i want to thank my bead partner i finished it this morning and will post tommorrow i am dissapointed in myself i am usually done with a project and have it posted before the deadline but i did have fun making it after i picked up my beads off the floor twice my 2 year old grand-daughter spilled them twice grrrr.


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